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Mobile advertising by 2019 will comprise of 72% of digital ad spending.

Advertising online to desktops will soon join direct mail as one of the “old ways” of advertising. The new Pixal Rich Media Cube Mobile ads fit perfectly with mobile devices. Which creates interactively with the users. This enables you to create highly optimized Mobile Ads Graphics pushing Businesses and Mobile Apps. I’m creating a Standalone service and a extra service for mobile app clients. Utimately, this creates the perfect mobile ad creation and advertising platforms. These mobile banners look great on sites that are even not responsive as their rich media banners remain responsive and anchored to the screen even when the site is NON reponsive. More and more visitors are using mobile devices to visit your sites, but just think how much more likely are they going to click on these new Pixal Rich Media Cube Mobile ads banners that fit more perfectly than old banners that drop off the edge of mobiles. >   BANNER TYPES – Foldable Banners, – 3D Interactive Cubes – Responsive Carosel – Film Strip Banner – Scratch banners – Ad Banner Rotator – Campaign Manager – Ads Poll In Terms of Usage, Pixal Allows you do the following and more ▪ Tons of different fonts to use ▪ Animated text ▪ Transitions built in for any element ▪ Add video to the banners/graphics ▪ Add shapes and edit them ▪ Built in 3D button creator ▪ Built in menu creator ▪ Add in live Shopify buttons ▪ Geo IP personalise the banners and ads ▪ Add in autoresponder forms ▪ Add in Google maps ▪ In app image editor ▪ In app image filters ▪ Built in popup creator ▪ Create campaigns and split test ▪ Banner and graphic rotator ▪ Totally drag and drop ▪ Plus many more features